7 Considerations Before Choosing a Vehicle Rental Company

For businesses of all sizes, leasing a van is a cost-effective and flexible alternative. It will enable you to drive a brand-new vehicle without the trouble and cost of purchasing one. However, with so many rental choices available, you may find it challenging to select the best one for your requirements. The following are eight primary considerations before opting for van leasing in Singapore.

#1 Budget

Determine your monthly budget for a van rental and stick to it. It will help you narrow your options and find a lease that fits your financial needs.

#2 Type of Vehicle

Decide what type of van you need based on your requirements. You may need a small van for local deliveries or a larger one for transporting goods over longer distances.

#3 Length of Lease

Consider the length of your van rental or lease and ensure it matches your business needs. A rental or lease may offer lower monthly payments, but it also ties you into the vehicle for an extensive period.

#4 Maintenance

Check the inclusions in the maintenance package that the vehicle rental company offers. Also, determine what your responsibilities are for your rental. Some leases include regular services and maintenance, while others require you to pay separately.

#5 Mileage

Consider the mileage allowance included in the lease and ensure it matches your business needs. Going over the mileage limit can result in additional charges. Hence, choose a van leasing firm in Singapore that offers a lease agreement that meets your requirements.

#6 Residual Value

The residual value refers to the worth the van leasing firm in Singapore expects from the vehicle at the end of the lease. A higher residual value will result in lower monthly payments. However, it also means you should return the van in good condition.

#7 Lease Termination

Consider the terms of the lease agreement and ensure you understand what happens at the end of the lease. You may come across a vehicle rental or lease company that will include the option to purchase the vehicle. On the other hand, other firms require you to return it and start a new lease.

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