Are two-wheelers better than cars? 5 reasons that prove them

By reading the heading don’t go oh! Not again with this topic that is how people are fed up with this concept. The debate about the motorcycles is better or cars are better has been around for decades yet trying to meet its end. But running through the minds of people it still has the banner to be in their hands for some people cars are better for some bikes are good. In a country with most of the population preferring bikes, there are few statements from experts that make two-wheelers take a step further in the race.


The first thing a person questions about a bike or a scooter when a new model is launched or someone you know buys is the mileage. The distance a bike travels for a liter of petrol is much higher than a car’s mileage which is a smiling factor. If you can ride for a longer distance at less fuel and less amount spent then surely it is a good feature and when it is mileage bikes always take a lead.

If you take a practical example, check out the price of maestro 5g price with an average car price the features and price will never match with each other. Even a second-hand car will have a higher price than a 150-cc bike.

Vehicle control:

Considering a car with a heavy body and four wheels handling them one can never say with that small steering you can control them. But on the sides of bikes, your body weight and pressure can totally control the bike not only by handles. If you are a person to go on long drives or hill stations turning a certain corner feels different with a bike only an experienced person can feel it.

Your path your choice:

Have you seen those crazy chasing scenes from movies where the lead characters take those unbelievable tough routes to escape? Not that cinematic yet a traffic road or a small sort cut through a narrow street everything can be covered with bikes. If you see top 200cc bikes in India all bikes have a better power torque, suspension, and speed that even modest cars could never match with them. Especially in a city with hectic traffic a daily commuter can only rely on bikes o reach destination on time than a car.

Free to ride:

There is a statement that says riding motorbikes can help a person burn their calories to quite an extent as they handle pressure, balance, and body weight. Coming on track you have your way through your handle plain roads, tough terrain, rough mountains they can fit any place. Bikes give a sense of freedom when riding them by pushing the path and air aside it gets to feel and see everything around you.


This concept is not much seen but when taken on a comparative note bikes are much eco-friendly than cars. It gives them even more reason to ride them without damaging nature but only striking through the fresh air surrounding us.

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