5 Things You Didn’t Know About Armored Sedans

Armored sedans, also known as bulletproof or armored cars, are vehicles designed to protect occupants from external threats such as gunfire, explosives, and physical assault. While many people are aware of the basic features of armored sedans, there are some lesser-known facts about these vehicles that may surprise you. 

So, let’s explore 5 things you may not know about armored sedans!

1] Not Every Car Can Be Armored

Many people assume that any car can be converted into an armored sedan. However, this is not the case. Armored vehicles require specific modifications and reinforcements that not every car can accommodate. Troy Armoring armored sedans are engineered optimally, which can make them your best bet! 

2] Need Regular Service

Armored sedans require regular maintenance and service to keep them in good condition and the process is very demanding. They require regular inspections of the armor plating, bulletproof glass, and other components and specialized maintenance. The added weight can cause extra wear and tear on parts which calls for frequent replacements. 

3]  Not Bulletproof

While the armor plating and bulletproof glass can provide a high level of protection, they are not impenetrable. The type of ammunition used, the angle of the shot, and the distance from the target can all affect the effectiveness of the armor. Therefore, armored sedans are designed to provide protection against small arms fire and other low-velocity projectiles, but they are not invulnerable.

4]  Have a High Cost of Ownership

Owning an armored sedan is an expensive affair. The initial cost of the vehicle itself can range from $100,000 to over $1 million. The added weight of the armor plating can reduce the vehicle’s fuel economy, resulting in higher fuel costs. Additionally, they require specialized maintenance and service, which can also be expensive. 

5]  Not Just for High-Profile Individuals

While armored sedans are often associated with politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals, they are also used by many others like executives, diplomats, and other professionals who may be at a risk of attack or kidnapping. They are also used by law enforcement and military personnel, as well as, private security firms. 

Armored sedans are some of the most unique and intriguing vehicles on the road. They add a level of protection to the occupants, making them ideal for high-risk individuals or those living in dangerous areas. If you are considering owning an armored sedan, it is essential to do your research thoroughly before making the big purchase!

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