Ceramic Coating

Can You Polish Over Ceramic Coating?

If you want to make your ceramic-coated pans look new, you might be wondering if it’s possible to polish them. In this article, we will answer if you can polish over ceramic coating and more.

Can you polish over ceramic coating?

Big NO. Car polish won’t improve your car’s looks, but it can make them worse. Car wax comprises millions of microscopic abrasives that strip a thin layer from the exterior paint to remove light scratches and swirl marks. In contrast, the car polishes correct imperfections on top while protecting underneath with a protective coating. You should always polish your car before applying a ceramic coating.

Therefore, it is suggested not to use a polishing compound on top of your ceramic coating. While it is great for removing old layers of wax, the protective layer will be stripped away, and you’ll end up with nothing but an exposed clear coat instead – which can damage or shorten the life of your paint sealant!

What are the Alternatives of Polishing?

Here are some alternatives to do for your ceramic coating if it gets scratched or peeling off:

  1. Wax- it will give the same effect as car polishes.
  2. Remove it- if your ceramic coating gets severely damaged, remove it completely and re-apply a new one.
  3. Sealant- apply a sealant over ceramic coating for effective and long-lasting protection from harmful UV rays, dirt, oil, acid rain, etc.

It is best to ask a Car Ceramic Coating in Atlanta about what could be done to make your ceramic coating look fresh.

How can I maintain my ceramic-coated car?

  1. Always wash with water: How to wash your car – Make it a habit to wash your car only with water. Avoid using strong chemicals because they may cause damage, especially for the new coat.
  2. Wax: Applying wax regularly will make the ceramic coating last longer. This avoids dirt and other impurities sticking on the surface of the vehicle, making it easier to remove if you’ll need to re-coat again. Wax has one of the most effective Paint Correction Costs in Atlanta.
  3. Use a microfiber towel: Avoid using any kind of cloth to prevent scratches on the surface of your car. There are many options available in the market, but make sure that it’s made with microfiber material that is free from chemicals and other sharp materials.
  4. Keep away from direct sunlight: It doesn’t only damage your paint if exposed to the sun, but it also affects the quality and durability of your ceramic coating.
  5. Keep away from debris: Whether it’s sand or metal particles, you should avoid exposing your car to places that may cause damage to its surface.
  6. Avoid touching the painted surface: This is a no-brainer. Human saliva contains chemicals like acid that weaken the protective layer of your car. On top of that, oil and dirt can also be found in our fingers, which can cause scratches when you’ll need to wash them with water.
  7. Top-up: One good thing about having a ceramic coating for your car is that you can easily apply a top-up whenever it starts to fade out or if there’s already significant damage.

Ceramic coating, like all other coatings, requires maintenance. If you want to keep your ceramic-coated vehicle looking shiny and new for years to come, be sure not to polish it to save the surface of your paint job.

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