Different Parts of the Braking System Explained – What are the Best Brake Kits that are Absolutely Worth the Hype?

Vehicle safety on the road – whether it’s a truck, a sports car, a normal car, or a motorbike – depends upon how good the brakes are. The pedal that you use to stop the car is just one part of the entire braking system. There other parts that make the entire braking system are rotors, brake calipers, and brake pads. In this guide, we will take you through all these parts, their individual functions, and some amazing brake kits that you can buy for your vehicle(s). Dive in!

Disc Rotor and Its Function 

The metal disc that’s attached to the wheels is a rotor. It rotates with the wheels and its function is to stop them from moving when the brake pedals are pressed. 

Brake Caliper and Its Function 

A brake caliper is attached to the front side of the disc rotor. Its function is to slow down the rotor. When the brake pedals are applied, the caliper generates friction against the rotor. As a result of the friction, the rotor slows down, and with it slows down the wheels.

Brake Pads and Their Function

Brake pads are present inside the brake calipers. When the brake pedal is pushed, hydraulic pressure forces the brake pads to create friction against the caliper that, in turn, slows down the motion of the wheels. As a result, the vehicle stops. 

You must have realized by now that every part of the braking system is connected. If even one of these parts becomes faulty, the entire system will be compromised. That’s why you should purchase high-quality braking kits like DBC, one of the biggest sellers in Canada. Have a look at 3 of their premium products in the section below. 

  1. Black XD Brake Kit – The rotors are made with the help of carbon-fiber ceramic formula so that the metal disc remains rust-free. The braking pads are ventilated so that heat generated from the friction against the rotor can be dissipated. 
  2. Black Kote Brake Kit – It uses the Premium Core Technology to make the rotors so that the parts of the rotor that are usually non-machined offer a perfect grip. It’s equipped with multiple vane configurations so that the heat is dissipated evenly and the wheels remain cool. 
  3. G3000 Brake Kit – The rotors have a double disc design that offers a jerk-free smoother halt. The brake pads are specifically designed to be semi-metallic to keep them safe from corrosion. 
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