Different Types of Car Window Tint Films

In recent years, car tinting in Worcester has become an increasingly popular way to customise and protect a vehicle. It reduces glare, protects the interior from harsh UV rays, and offsets a car’s aesthetic.

But with so many different automotive window films available, choosing which is best for your car can be hard. Here are the different types of car window tint film to help make the decision process easier:

Dyed Window Film

The most common type of car tinting is dyed film. This is a single-layer tint that is coloured with a dye that is absorbed into the tint. Dyed window film will usually give a darker, more uniform look and reduce the amount of glare and heat that can enter a vehicle. On one hand, they are limited in how much privacy and protection they can provide. On the other hand, they are typically a cheaper option.

Metallized Window Film

Metallized window film is a higher grade than dyed window film and is made with metal components. Metallized window film is designed to reflect infrared energy, which gives it more heat rejection capabilities. It also reflects more light, creating a more controlled driving environment.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window film is the most advanced type of window tint film available. It is made from ceramic particles that absorb heat, blocking it from entering the vehicle’s cabin. This type of car window tint can provide superior clarity, protection, and heat rejection. But the downside is that ceramic window film typically costs more than other tint options.

Hybrid Window Film

Hybrid window film combines the benefits of both dyed window film and metallized window film. This technology offers superior heat rejection and outstanding clarity and provides a great combination of privacy and protection.

This window tint’s advanced nano-ceramic particles give it superior performance. Hybrid window film is a great choice for someone looking for a cost-effective car tinting in Walsall.

Highly Reflective Window Film

Highly reflective window film is designed to reflect the light away from the vehicle’s interior, providing the most privacy of any type of window tint. It also offers superior heat rejection and UV protection, making it a great choice for those who are looking for the best protection from the sun’s rays. However, keep in mind that this type of film can make it difficult to see out of the vehicle.

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