Five Advantages Of Emulator DPF

Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) serves the function of filtering soot and particulate matter from the engine for its better efficiency. It has been a serious problem for drivers to maintain DPF regeneration and avoid the hiccups in the driving cycle.

All thanks to the cutting-edge technology that has now come up with Emulator DPF, the solution to all issues related to traditional DPF.

Emulator DPF are devices that simulate the original DPF. They are fitted to the engine control unit. They can be easily removed at the end of the filter process from under the bonnet of the vehicle. Automobile scientists have worked hard on these devices, and as a result, they are now equipped with some automatic sensors for early fault detection.

Here is a list of five advantages served by emulator DPF.

Mechanical Sensors

The emulator system is equipped with two sensors for efficient simulation. 

Temperature sensors: Two such sensors work in coordination to ensure complete combustion of fuel. 

Pressure Sensors: The differential pressure sensors perpetuate the mechanical force required for the simulation of efficient filtering signals and constant airflow of the exhaust system.

These sensors work on behavioral patterns of the traditional DPF that are based on the thermodynamics of the exhaust system, variables of the chemical mechanisms, filter capability, and responses received during the regeneration process.

Fuel efficiency

The main issue with DPF is that they get blocked easily because the temperature requirements are not met by a regular driver. This results in physical stress over the engine, uncomfortable rides, and more power consumption.

It has been seen frequently that DPF is altogether removed from the cars as a solution to the above-listed issues. But, this results in increased carbon emission and pollution. Moreover, this act is considered illegal by various road traffic authorities and doesn’t qualify for an MOT check.

DPF emulators function by imitating signals from the temperature and pressure sensors and direct engine car units to continue the filtering process. By this, the engine works to filter out microscopic pollutants and saves on power and fuel.

Increased power

Blockage of DPF distresses the engine system resulting in increased resistance. Due to incomplete combustion of fuel, the pressure on the piston decreases gradually, mechanical sensors give up, resulting in decreased torque and simultaneously the power.

The DPF emulator follows up with the combustion procedure till the end and has been successful in elevating the torque value of the engine.

Save on repair

The traditional DPFs demand consistent check-up and maintenance for a sustainable regeneration process. This requires garage visits, repair expenditure, and waiting in the long queues.

Since the DPF emulator is free from such a process of regeneration, it saves on your economy. It solves the complete problem, saves time, and also abides by the legal requirements.

Engine regulation

The frequency of engine breakdown decreases after the installation of DPF emulators. Error P2002 is fixed that confirms low pollutant emission by the vehicle.  The sensors at the backend regulate the threshold values. 

Adequate monitoring of the exhaust system upscales the engine efficiency and catalyzes its machinery.

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