How to enter Mercedes radio code in a few steps

This article contains useful information about entering the Mercedes radio code. This is no science function and you will understand it immediately but still if you have the lock problem you should probably read it.

Many people do not understand why do there stereos get locked. Normally this happens when you remove the Mercedes radio device from one car to another or when the car itself remains with no energy from the battery. The code is always inserted the first time the Mercedes radio is bought and installed. Even when your brand new Mercedes comes with a Mercedes radio the code must be entered to. In this case it is not you who enters the Mercedes radio code but the workers in the car factory.

How To Enter Mercedes Radio Code

The Mercedes radio code can be entered in a few ways. This depends on the model and brand of the device. Some Mercedes radio devices have an up-to-date touch screen; others still rock the old-fashioned buttons, while even older models use only one button to perform multiple functions.

So, depending on your Mercedes radio you can either enter the code on your touch screen directly or you can use the so-called keyboard for the action. For all those of you who have an older version of a Mercedes radio you can enter your code by pressing the at one function button. If for example your code is 1234, then to enter the number 1 you only press once, to enter the second number of the code, the number 2- you press twice, for 3 you press three times and for 4 you press  the same button for four times. Normally this button is marked differently at different car radio devices. But in most of them it is just labeled with the number 1.

If your other concern about the unlock of your Mercedes radio is the code itself, just contact the seller or manufacturer.

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