A motorcycle engine guard is one of the protective components installed by riders in their motorcycles. While it is an optional choice for motorcycle owners, many purchase one as it can effectively protect the engine and its components from damages from potential accidents and falling.

The best SW-Motech skid plate can even protect a rider’s legs in certain low-speed accidents. Aside from safety, they can also improve the overall aesthetic of the bike. Essentially, these engine guards are hoop-shaped bars usually mounted on motorcycle frames at the front to protect the rider and the vehicle’s engine when met with an accident.

While complete protection of the rider is not guaranteed, it still improves the safety factor and can make a significant difference in certain crashes and accidents. For example, when the bike falls over, the engine guard will be the first to come in contact with the ground and will effectively absorb the load and impact. More importantly, the bike’s engine will be secure and will not cost much when in need of repairs.

Today, many riders are eager to install the new SW-Motech KTM 970 Adventure engine guard which provides additional protection for the engine plastic tank of the KTM 970 Adventure and KTM 890 Adventure. It is made of a 4 mm thick aluminium sheet of high-quality aluminium alloy that can protect the engine from stone chipping and ground contact.

Still, with its popularity, there are questions that riders want to be answered such as:

  • Why is the SW-Motech 970 Adv engine guard so big?
  • How heavy is the engine guard?
  • Does the engine guard mount directly to the engine?
  • How long does it take to install?
  • Is the engine guard compatible with SW-Motech’s centre stand?

To know the answer to all those questions, you can read this infographic from Motorrad Garage. For more information about motorcycle accessories, visit their website


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