The Interesting History of Lamborghini’s Raging Bull Logo

The raging bull logo is probably the very first thing that comes to your mind every time you hear of Lamborghini. This is not really a surprise, considering how it has become a brand of its own to this day.

But more than the interesting aesthetics of the logo itself, its history is also equally captivating. The early beginnings of this logo can actually be traced back to the early 60s when Ferruccio Lamborghini spent some time with a Spanish fighting bull breeder in Sevilla. Lamborghini was impressed by the animals, and he decided to make the raging bull the logo of his car brand.

Many fans had a hard time discovering the real meaning behind the symbol of their beloved car brand until they learned about his passion for fighting bulls. Aside from using the bull as his brand logo, Lamborghini also named some of the car models after the most renowned fighting bulls such as Diablo, Gallardo, Miura, and Murcielago.

Who is Ferruccio Lamborghini?

Ferruccio Lamborghini is a well-off man who owned a factory that manufactured tractors that played a significant role in the farming industry’s growth and development. He dreamt about designing a sports car that can keep up with the iconic Ferrari cars.

It was in 1963 when Lamborghini presented his very first model, the iconic Lamborghini 350 GTV that featured the raging bull Lamborghini logo. He didn’t only manage to surprise the car industry because his model also came equipped with some exciting benefits compared to those of Ferrari cars.

Why is the Raging Bull Used?

There are actually two main reasons why Lamborghini opted to use the raging bull as the brand’s logo. The number one reason is that it symbolizes the founder of the company because he was born on the 28th of April 1916. It means his birth is connected with the zodiac sign of Taurus, represented by a bull.

Since Ferruccio Lamborghini is passionate about bullfighting, he often went to bullfighting events. He believed that the bull was the ideal image for the logo of his company because it reflected his personal interests.

Another good reason for using the logo is the commanding meaning of the bull that Lamborghini believed could be associated with the cars he developed. Many people, for instance, associate bulls with dominance, speed, and power.

The Present Symbol

Since the bull symbolizes some of the world’s fastest cars, the symbol on the existing Lamborghini models is a black shield with a gold color outlining it. In addition, the golden bull is found at the center, while the top is adorned with the golden letter “Lamborghini”.

Exuding luxury, elegance, prestige, and power, the Lamborghini logo is among the most striking car logos of all time.

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