2021 Chevrolet Spark – Best Alternative to Small Crossovers

Whenever an individual is looking for an alternative vehicle to small crossovers, Chevrolet Spark is the car that comes to mind. From being more fuel-efficient to much more affordable than small crossovers, is the reason for 2021 Chevrolet Spark’s popularity. It is the reason for people for to go in Greenville Chevrolet dealership and inquire about this vehicle the most. Also, according to various stats, it was observed that this car’s sale has gone up too in present time.

2021 Chevrolet Spark Price, Review and Buying Guide |

Looks and comfort

Before getting to know about the vehicle’s power and more, what attracts people to this vehicle is its small stature and comfort. Cars which are available affordable like this, often comes with sloppy interior. However, this is not the case for Spark 2021. Though, most materials used for creating the cabin is hard plastic, it offers an even and smooth texture. Also, front seats are heated and all seats are made of leather.

Driving position is set at upright similar to that of a crossover but comes with folding armrest that makes things comfortable for the driver. Also, its raised/increased seat height and huge doors make it easy for drivers to get inside.

Though, it is a small car, the cabin is sufficient enough for adults to sit comfortably. The trunk space can handle carry-ons 3, however, if rear seat is folded, one can easily fit 15 bags in total. Also, Spark comes with cubbies and shelf that are quite handy for people travelling in this car.

Models and prices

The base trim available for this vehicle is the LS that cost $14,395. For 1LT, ACTIV, and 2LT, one will have to spend $16,295, $17,395, and $17,795 respectively. People should always opt for 1LT version if one doesn’t feel like spending more for 2LT or ACTIV. Most people opt for 1LT and upgrade it to an automatic if required or keep it simple as this is primarily used as an everyday vehicle. Learn about prices and profitable deals visit Chevrolet Greenville dealer.

Engine, transmission, and fuel efficiency

FWD drivetrain is standard and it is powered by a 4-cylinder engine. Also, it is paired with either an automatic or manual five-speed transmission. The automatic manages power adequately without the engine making much noise. It is adequately responsive at low speed but become highly responsive when driving at a higher speed.

This hatchback is not great for long road trips but ideal if an individual wants to use it as an everyday vehicle because it is quite and effective in city. Moreover, it has excellent maneuverability that helps drivers when going through slowly moving traffic. With a short wheelbase, this vehicle can be used for quick lateral motions for ideal control and maneuver in a tight space without having to worry about compromised ride quality.

Lastly, this vehicle is much more fuel efficient than crossover as it offers 30 mpg in cities and 38 mpg on highways.

All that is left is for you now is to get this vehicle immediately if you are looking for an alternative to small crossover!

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