5 Great Tips to Make Your Car Baby-Ready

Congratulations, you’re soon going to have a baby! You’re surely making a lot of preparations for the new arrival.

But have you considered the changes you should make to your car so as to make it suitable to your little bundle of joy?


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If you haven’t yet, here are tips for you to make your car baby-ready.

1. Choosing Your Car Seat

Whether you’ve got your car from trusted American car imports Australia at Import Direct Car Sales or bought your car in Australia, choosing your car seat is one of the most important decisions about your car.

Your number one priority for your little one is safety. But finding the right seat can be daunting with so many options out there.

You’ll find websites that can help you choose the safest seat for your baby. Go through these sites and choose the right seat.

2. Fitting the Car Seat

Once you choose the right car seat, your next important job is to fit that seat in your car.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says that car accidents are one of the most prevalent causes of fatal injury to kids in Australia. Thus, fitting of car seat is very important.

There are child restraint laws in Australia that guide about when your child must be seated in a capsule, forward-facing seat or rear-facing seat.


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3. Warranty and Roadside Assistance

If you’re buying or importing a used car, along with estimating its cost with the best shipping calculator, also prefer a car that’s still under warranty to keep your little valuable angel safe from any mishap.

Another important consideration is roadside assistance. No other situation can be worse than being held up on roadside on a hot or rainy day with a crying baby inside the car.

Therefore it’s very important to make sure your membership of a roadside assistance provider is well in place or renew it if required.

Even some automakers provide roadside assistance as a service when you buy their car. Plus, you can get providers in any Australian state from various organisations.

4. Accessories

You should tuck car-toys, sunshades and screens at the back of the front seats so as to get them at hand whenever your baby turns or steps into tantrum.

But they are not only for amusement purpose, but have some practical uses too.

Sunshades will protect your baby’s skin from the sun and a mirror will help you watch your baby when she is in a rear-facing capsule or car seat.

Another very useful accessory every motorist should have in their car is hands-free phone systems.

Not only it’s against law to handle your phone while driving your car, but it also carries risk to life of all car passengers.

5. Carry the Essentials

You may make a bag ready that carries everything your baby may need. But what if you forget it in the house itself in a hurry?

It’s a good idea to stuff things like baby wipes, rubbish bags, sunscreen, tissues, nappies, changing pads, spare clothes, blankets and dry eatables already in the car.

It’s a joy to prepare for the welcome your little angel. Get your car involved too in the welcome!

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