How Luxurious Will Be the Rides in the Upcoming 2021 Genesis GV70 Models?

The utility crossover SUV vehicles are on the highest demand in the market of automobile. That is reason enough why all the leading automakers are now busy making vehicles of this kind. Among them Genesis is one brand that has stepped into the making of crossover SUVs only recently but has already proved its mettle in luxuriating the models with a special focus on their performance levels. The 2021 Genesis GV70 models are one of the best examples to prove this point.

Genesis has its motif clean behind manufacturing yet another three-row crossover SUV that they named as the GV70. The segment it is tagged in is compact-luxury SUV that promises to perform like an SUV and offer optimum levels of comfort like a compact family car, explained a seller at the showroom of a famous Genesis dealership.

Cabin Layout and Comfort

Each of the 2021 Genesis GV70 models trap in a luxury-soaked cabin inside that strongly resembles with the G70 sedan series. The cabins come wrapped in rich leather upholstery that quilts the seats to attain maximum seating comfort. The family space is molded with excellent woodwork that looks extraordinarily beautiful when blended with bright aluminum accents. Here we must mention the fact that every trim mode of the 2021 model year edition of Genesis GV70 looks elegant with the subtle and clean design cues that are purposely done to create that warmly inviting atmosphere. The cabins are equipped with the latest comfort and convenience features like heated seats with massaging feature enabled. The seats are supportive enough to soak up the travel fatigue and keep the travelers energetic even after long hours of highway drive.

Under the Hood Choices

The 2021 model year lineup of the Genesis GV70 offers lucrative engine choices to be loaded under the hoods. In the base models there is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder which is capable of making 252-hp. This is the standard powertrain that comes by default on every 2021 Genesis GV70 models, while the higher grade powerplant consists of a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 engine that can crank 365-hp.

The 2021 model year lineup of Genesis GV70 is favored by many driving enthusiasts for many reasons. One of them is the option that is available to drive the 2021 Genesis GV70 with all-four-wheels though the standard setting is to drive with only rear wheels.

Apart from this, to make the 2021 Genesis GV70 models more maneuverable Genesis chooses an eight-speed automatic transmission to pair all the engines to carry the engine power to the respected wheels to which the model is configured with. Moreover Genesis has installed all the latest driver assistance features to protect every occupant of the 2021 Genesis GV70 model, with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, active lane control, surrounded view camera, and lot more can be seen as standard equipment in most of the trim models of the 2021 Genesis GV70 models assured the Genesis dealer we mentioned above.

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