Pandemic marriage: ideas for celebration without compromising in fun

If you want to make your wedding in the pandemic, adapting is necessary. Despite the uncertain moment, many people choose to have their pandemic marriages. Even if it requires adaptations, the ceremony can be carried out without losing the charm and fun and at the same time respecting the measures of social isolation. Thinking about you, we have prepared some special tips for pandemic wedding.

Home wedding is a strong trend in a pandemic time

The minimalist ceremonies have gained more and more space. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this trend will continue for longer. Many couples are leaving the idea of the grand ceremonies to celebrate the wedding in an intimate way. A home wedding during a pandemic must respect social distance measures. Therefore, shortening the guest list is necessary. The technology exists to be used to our advantage. How about using it to get married at a distance?

Online wedding broadcast

Since it is not possible to gather all the guests you would like, there is a way to allow them to participate in the wedding – through video calls. If your goal is not to spend too much, having a post-wedding party at home is the best decision. The first advantage of having a party at home is to save what you would spend renting a space. Party rooms usually charge a high rent, which is not beneficial for smaller meetings. You can also hire Mississauga Limo Service to celebrate the bachelor party or a post-wedding party with 10 to 15 of your closest friends.

In this way you avoid spending more on hiring a party room, above all, maintaining the primary rule in this pandemic: stay out of gathering. Renting a limousine for your surprise party is very easy. It is quick and practical as well. Why not give life to this very special moment with limousines? Have you ever thought that your Surprise Party can have an incredible highlight? Guests will be very comfortable.

Throwing a surprise party

Who doesn’t like to be gifted by friends and family for a party? Whether on birthdays, farewells or surprise parties, or welcome parties, these celebrations are prepared with great care and with a central objective: to surprise someone. For the surprise party to really be unexpected and certain, it takes time and dedication. Get inspired by these creative surprise party ideas.

Surprises need a lot of time in advance, because you have a large list of tasks and everything needs to be settled before the day. The organizer has to be very careful at that time. Remember that you are in charge of inviting someone else’s friends/family. You also have to take into account that the greater the number of guests the greater the chance of spoiling the surprise. For the party to remain surprised until the right time, it is necessary that all guests and organizers be discreet and careful with what or with whom they speak. It is very common for the element of surprise to be lost during the planning time.

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