Using Proshield Paint Protection Film and Other Ways to Protect your Car’s Exterior from Sun Damage

When your car is left under the sun for a long period, its interior temperature can go up to 145 degrees F and the exterior temperature can reach even 200 degrees F. Unfortunately, cars are not designed heatproof. Both new and old cars need care and protection against the sun and heat. The sun can cause oxidation and premature fading to your car paint’s paint. But, the right maintenance routine can keep it looking new.  Here are some ways to protect your car’s exterior from sun damage:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Look for shade for your car when you can. Park it in a garage or under a roof and invest in a heavy-duty car cover to block UV rays and reflect the heat of the sun. This protects the paint, headlights, and rubberized trim of your car. Just ensure to cover the car only when it is completely dry as mold can build up on its exterior if the moisture is trapped inside the cover for too long. 

Wash It Often

Use a soft cotton mitt, bucket, and automotive cleaning product and clean your car out of direct sunlight. If the car has tough deposits such as splattered bugs or road tar, use a detailing clay bar to remove these damaging materials without leaving a trace. Then, dry your car with a cotton rag or chamois to protect the paint from minerals left behind as water used for cleaning evaporates. 

Invest in Paint Protection

A paint protection film is a great investment for your car’s exterior. This invisible film acts as a shield for your vehicle. You can usually get paint protection film kits on the market for acrylic headlights or pellicule pare-pierre ProShield for the entire car. Clear protective films, also known as auto bras, are designed to stay on your vehicle longer and be less noticeable while offering the car’s paint the protection it needs. As with other auto detailing options, paint protection films can be a DIY project or a service bought from a local auto-body store. ProShield has a team of experts trained to offer the highest quality service and install invisible protective films that keep your paintwork protected from sun damage. 

Wax your Car

Waxing your vehicle is like investing in some sunscreen against the high ultraviolet rays of the sun during summer months. Aside from helping lock in the natural oils in the paint it also provides extra protection against roadside pollutants and from the harmful effects of the sun. Consider waxing your car at least twice every year to maintain its exteriors. 


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