6 Tips to Look After Your Surron Bikes

Surron bikes are high-quality bikes that are designed to last, and because it’s easy to take care of them, they will last for years. If you have a Surron bike and want it to keep in perfect condition, then you need to know where to get Sur-Ron parts easily. 

Although Surron bikes are easy to maintain, if you want to look after your Surron bike, then you need to know how to care for it. Here are some tips to help you look after your Surron bikes.


  • Follow up on the company services properly


Just because your Surron was bought from a good company, doesn’t mean that it will not have any repairs. So, follow up with the company whenever you have issues with the bike or need parts for your bike. Also, make sure you follow the company’s service schedule and that you do not delay the repairs.


  • Lube your chain well


Your Surron is a vehicle that runs on a chain. Therefore, you have to take enough care of the chain. The chain needs to be lubricated frequently and properly. Lubrication will protect the chain from getting rust, and it will also reduce noise when you ride your bike. Proper lubrication will also help with moving parts in your bike, so make sure you grease them well as they require it.


  • Keep battery charged


Your Surron bike is likely to be used extensively, thus it’s important for you to keep your battery charged. If a Surron bike is left with a dead battery, then the bike won’t run at all, and you will have to bring it to the service center to have it recharged.


  • Upgrade for purpose


If you are searching for Surron upgrading parts, then check out their site. The company sells upgrades and accessories for your Surron bike. If you want your bike to perform better, then you should purchase upgrades or accessories that will help you achieve that purpose.


  • Change your tires regularly


Last but not least, the change of tires has a great role in maintaining the life of a Surron bike. If your tires are worn out, then that’s going to slow down the bike. So, make sure you change your Surron bike’s tires frequently and keep them in good condition.


  • Keep your bike clean


A Surron bike is made of metal and plastic. Therefore, it can rust easily. When that happens, it will not look good, the paint will also fade and your bike will not look as nice as it does when it was new. So make sure you get rid of any dust or dirt on your bike’s frame as soon as you can. 

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