Bike riding tips for a long drive

Have you bought the best 200cc bike? Now it’s time for planning a long trip. Taking a bike for a long ride is an art to be practiced and preached. Here are some basic tips to ensure you have a memorable and happy trip.

Choose a comfortable bike

You choose any kind of bike, but you must always be comfortable with it. In case, you zero in on a bike that needs a certain modification to ensure it is comfortable for you to handle. Some common changes that riders are alter like comfortable seat, different handlebars, better headlights, etc. The 200cc bikes have a good comfort seat and runs smoothly; it is the best bike for a long drive.

Keep copies of a document handy

Always keep a single copy of the documents like driving license, insurance papers, etc. In addition, you should also keep copies of emergency contact information. These tips will help in some cases like when a traffic police officer stops you on-road and asks for these documents.

Check tyre pressure

Correct tyre pressure does not only help you to gain better control. but, it also supports the overall weight of the bike and luggage quite effectively. Check your tyre pressure to avoid the chances of any mishap and keep you on the safer side.

Dress for long ride

For a long drive, you must wear riding pants, ankle boots, a riding jacket and a full-face helmet. The bike gear can easily be bought in online or bike stores. Try to get a close size as possible, loose and baggy gear or clothing will be a disturbance and causes discomfort. Wear a riding jacket, canvas trousers and knee guards for comfort and happy ride.

Stay hydrated

Most of the people do not pay attention to the water on a long drive. Charge in a hydration pack is normally a water bottle in a bag with a tube which you can sling over your shoulder and drink water from without needing to take off the helmet or even stop ride. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout your ride will save on all exertion due to dehydration. You can even drink some energy drink if you want. Make sure to drink some water every time you stop, even if you do not feel thirsty.

Know your route

Not all of us are genius with directions and remembering roads, but having a fair sense of which directions you are headed in. Carry a screenshot of the map on your mobile in case you want to. Don’t feel shy about asking locals on the way for directions. Enjoy the ride and view the different places.

Start on a light stomach

Eat light breakfast and try an early lunch, don’t overeat. Full meals take a lot of energy to digest and will make you drowsy. Carry some snacks and energy bars if you want.

Final thoughts

These are the tips to keep in mind before planning for a long drive. Follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy your long drive with your special ones. Be safe and have a  Happy journey.

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